Pocket doctor series: obstetrics and gynecology

This book on obstetrics and gynecology belonging to the Jaypee’s “The Pocket Doctor Series” serves as a compilation of nearly 150 evidence-based protocols, which would prove extremely useful for the practicing clinicians in this era of evidence-based medicine. This book holds a series of step-by-step, well-elucidated, standardized, well agreed, evidence-based protocols, which would be of extreme help to the clinicians.

The book would help in complementing the textbooks on obstetrics and gynecology and aid the busy clinician in developing an organized, condensed, and practical approach towards patient care. The text is thoroughly updated and is given in a style, which is easy to-understand and grasp, without having to go through elaborate text. The Flow Charts have been liberally illustrated with help of colored photographs and illustrations wherever required. In order to ensure that a Flow Chart is able to provide complete information on its own, pinned-up color boxes have also been added in the Flow Charts. They contain matter relevant to that provided by the Flow Chart. In order to ensure that each chapter contains all the information in a concise manner, tables have also been provided along with the Flow Charts and pictures. Following these protocols while delivering patient care would serve as a catalyst towards improvement of overall standard of medical care and in ensuring uniform patient care.

The book would serve as a ready reckoner and a good source of reference carrying snippets of useful information for residents and practitioners in obstetrics and gynecology as well as general practitioners.