A Practical Guide to Obstetrics Gynecology

Childbirth can be considered as one of the most miraculous and mesmerizing processes of nature. While being extremely glorious and magnificent, it is equally intricate and complex. When undergraduate students first encounter a childbirth in the labor room, they are likely to get awestruck; even I was. To visualize how the baby’s head negotiates through the delicate narrow maternal passage after undergoing a series of pre-decided movements is indeed marvellous. An undergraduate student who for the first time enters the labor room must understand that childbirth is not as difficult as may appear at the first glance, but a series of clever maneuvers which the passenger (the baby) undertakes while passing through the slender maternal passage (maternal pelvis) to complete its journey (childbirth).

Childbirth can be considered as a story illustrating the journey (process of childbirth) of a passenger (the baby), traveling via maternal passage. This is what the book, “A Practical Guide to Obstetrics & Gynecology” aims to offer by providing the complete coverage of all practical aspects of obstetrics and gynecology from both examination and viva point of view. This is not a quick-read handbook just before examinations, but a complete manual, which would serve as a comprehensive guide for undergraduate students. The book would not only be extremely useful for the undergraduates preparing for the practical/viva examination but will also aid the postgraduate and DNB students for brushing up their basics. The book covers all important topics encountered by a student at the time of practical viva examination: history taking and examination in both obstetrics and gynecology; important clinical cases in obstetrics and gynecology; normal labor room and operation theater (OT) procedures; important drugs used in obstetrics and gynecology; contraception; imaging; instruments and specimens in obstetrics and gynecology. The book also features an appendix at the end covering useful topics such as nutritional values, biochemistry and hematological parameters. The process of childbirth has been well illustrated by an accompanying DVD-ROM covering basics related to obstetrics such as: bony pelvis, fetal skull, and mechanism of normal vaginal delivery.