Evidence Based Color Atlas of Obstetrics Gynecology: Diagnosis and Management

Though an artist with a sheer stroke of genius can bring life to the paper, I would just like to say that I’m no artist, but a clinician and writer who is trying to work with pictures and words in this book. Words are nothing but pictures and reflection of our thoughts. This book presents a unique combination of words and pictures, which are likely to make the subject of Obstetrics and Gynecology, get impregnated in the reader’s mind like a storybook. Somebody has truly said, “A picture can speak more than a thousand words.” This book with more than 1,700 colorful pictures (inclusive of illustrations and photographs) is likely to be a testimony to the above statement.

In today’s era of evidence-based medicine, it is important for every clinician to be aware of the recent evidence-based management options. It is difficult for clinicians with a busy practice to keep abreast with the latest evidence-based developments in any field of medicine. To help the consultant obstetricians and gynecologists get acquainted with recent research studies, a special heading titled as “Evidence-Based Breakthrough Facts” has been added at the end of each chapter. Very brief description of the new clinical guidelines or new research discoveries (over the past decade) have been highlighted. In case the reader wants to know about further details, the exact source (journal) details have also been provided.

The book has been divided into two parts: Obstetrics and Gynecology, which have been further divided into a total of 15 sections. Not a textbook, but an atlas, this book would prove to be useful to the postgraduate students and consultants in practice. Each topic has been explained with the help of pictures. Each picture is accompanied by its medical description and diagnosis as well as management (surgical as well as medical). Places where required, clinical highlights have also been elaborated. This information would facilitate rapid diagnosis and accurate management of various obstetric and gynecological conditions and would therefore serve as a ready source of reference as well as a ready reckoner.